A borderless hotel currency

A ground-breaking new platform for the hospitality industry

Closed Pre-Sale is ongoing. Pre-ICO starts in:
HTL price (Closed Pre-sale):

= 6000 HTL

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What is Hotelier Coin

  • Decentralised Platform

    Acquiring HotelCoin qualifies for bulk room nights - purchase and trade, in the Hotelier Coin platform, with an ask & bidding process, backed up with a smart contract. Blockchain technology enables an ultra-low-cost booking and trading solution for hotel rooms across B2B & B2C, spreading savings to every player on the transaction chain.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Hotelier Coin is a revolutionary and integrated system of payment, management and trading, designed to bring investors, businesses and consumers together like never before. like never before. An end-to-end hospitality platform: a holistic network used by travellers, corporate clients, hotel owners, tour operators, suppliers and service providers together.

  • Hotel Currency

    With our smart contract programming environment and blockchain protocol, the HotelCoin token will be the go-to currency for all hospitality transactions. The objectives are sweeping gains for the industry as a whole, reducing costs for businesses and connecting and enhancing the entire experience for their loyal customers.

Hotelier Coin

is the biggest disruption in the hospitality industry since the emergence of the internet!

Token Sales

Closed Pre-Sale

1 BTC = 6000 HTL



How does it work?


Feel the innovation

Hotelier Coin is the biggest disruption in the hospitality industry since the emergence of the internet!

Platform Benefits

exchange platform

The Ultimate Tradable
Tourism Currency

Reduced operating/Booking Expenses


Platform for Standalone Hotel Owners Operators

Platform for Standalone
Hotel Owners
& Operators

Travel Utility Crypto Investors

Travel Utility
Crypto Investors

First Time Bulk Room-Night Buy/Sell Option

First Time Bulk Room-Night
Buy/Sell Option

Cash Back

Cash Back HTL to
Traveller & Hotel

One-stop-shop for hospitality Industry

for hospitality Industry

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is an utility token. The course of Hotelier Coin (HTL) is formed on the basis of the available supply and demand. The increase in capitalization with limited emission guarantees a continuous increase in the rate of the project's token.

Total supply

100 000 000

(all tokens are stored on the contract)
Closed Pre-Sale: Pre-ICO: ICO:
Price of the token 1 BTC = 6000 HTL 1 BTC = 6000 HTL 1 BTC = 6000 HTL
Hard Cap $2 000 000 $8 000 000 $60 000 000
Stages (manual switching) $2 000 000 $8 000 000 $60 000 000


Bonuses (1 000 000 HTL*) -

There is a different ways to obtain additional HTL tokens, take a part in a Pre ICO/ICO stages and purchase specific amount of tokens to receive bonus tokens. Amount of bonuses will grow proportionally to purchased tokens.

On a Closed PRE-SALE stage everyone who purchase 100 000 HTL will receive 1% of project shares.

Closed Pre-Sale

for 100 000 HTL = 1% of Hotelier shares


up to 30% bonuses

(based on tokens purchased amount)


up to 20% bonuses

(based on tokens purchased amount)

Purchase token bonus:
bonus amount is based on purchased tokens
Stages 5000 - 9999 HTL 10000 - 19999 HTL 20000 - 39999 HTL 40000 - 59999 HTL 60000 - 99999 HTL 100000+ HTL
Pre-ICO 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
ICO 2% 5% 10% 12% 15% 20%

* Once the bonus pool is empty, users will not receive bonuses anymore.

Stay updated!

Big things are about to happen. Stay tuned.

Token distribution between participants


70 000 000

Token Sale

23 000 000

Team (available for withdrawal: + 1% with each month or 1% each month

4 000 000

Advisors (available for withdrawal: + 0,2% with each month or 0.2% each month

3 000 000


Road Map


Team & Advisors